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Went very smoothly. Loved the car. -

Service was good. Not pushy as many car rental services are. The return was smooth with no problems. Friendly helpful.

* * * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented Dacia Duster | Manual.

Recomment -

All well prepared, helpfull stuff.

* * * * *
- Renter from Czechia. Rented Suzuki Jimny | Manual.

Rented a car for 12 days -

From Google reviews:

Rented a car for 12 days to do a full circle. Everything was good, quick return, no problems.

* * * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented Toyota.

Real Customer Service -

We were more than impressed by the efforts this company made to get us on our way. When we picked up our rental, the first two cars they wanted to give us had to be replaced because the "Check Engine" light lit up. At the end of the peak tourism season I imagine that maintenance might have been postponed, and rental cars do see more driver abuse than private ones. The third car was alright until we reached Borgarnes (about an hours drive from Keflavik) when it too lit up the "Check Engine. We called the company and they sent us to a mechanic in Borgarnes who was unable to pin down the problem. Iceland Car Rental then drove us up a new car and made the exchange there. As a result, we lost a couple of hours of our trip, got to see more of Borgarnes than we had planned, and ended up with an upgraded vehicle for the same price.

* * * *
- Renter from Canada. Rented Toyota Landcruiser 150 | Auto | 5-7 persons.

Car review -

Excellent. Gravel insurance included and good advice not needed ash or sand insurance at this time of year which was my main concern. Helpful friendly staff

* * * * *
- Renter from United Kingdom. Rented Dacia Dokker Camper.

Rough start but happy in the end -

The service was very good. We got through the line quickly and renting the car was quick and painless. We had to wait 15-20 minutes while they cleaned the car for us but we didn't mind. All in all, the service agent was helpful and friendly.

* * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented Dacia Dokker Camper.

Great experience -

We had a great experience renting a car with Iceland Car Rental. Renting a car in Iceland can be confusing with all the different insurances, but this company made it really straightforward, so it was easy to understand exactly what was included in the price I was paying.

Picking up and returning the car was really fast and easy. The staff were also very helpful when we had a problem with my partner losing his photographic driving licence a few days before our rental was due to start.

* * * * *
- Renter from United Kingdom. Rented VW Polo | Manual.

We have rented a compact car -

From Google reviews:

We have rented a compact car (Hyundai i30) for 9 days, car was very nice condition, almost new, built-in navigation. Service was great and quick. Be sure to check the car for any damages before you leave and let the staff know if something is not included in rental agreement. Also when we returned the car there was no hassle, very friendly staff. The company offered attractive pricing even with most insurance included.

* * * * *
- Renter from Hungary. Rented Hyundai i-30.

Excellent service -

From Google reviews:

Excellent service, nice car, easy check in and check out.

* * * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented Nissan.

Very good customer service -

From Google reviews:

Very good customer service. Although we encountered several snafus with our rental, the provided very good customer service and worked with us to more than fairly compensate us for the issues the arose. We also liked that we could get our vehicle in Reykjavik rather than having to go back to the airport, and they offered hotel pickup service. We were also able to drop the vehicle off in Reykjavik rather than at the airport. We also liked that we could get full coverage, no deductibles for an additional fee - most of the other agencies had deductibles.

* * * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented Toyota Rav.
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