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No hidden fee or deposit

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Renting without a credit card

The main driver and the credit card holder are not the same person, what should I do?

How do you protect my personal and credit card information online?

Age requirement and drivers license

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Insurance and extras

What insurance is included in the price?

Can I get insurance with 0 ISK deductible / liability excess?

What is not included in the insurance packages?

What extras do you offer?

Office and pick up

What documents will I need at pick up?

When are the Iceland Car Rental offices open?

Opening hours during the holidays

Do you offer a shuttle service?

Can I be sure I will get the car I booked?

Picking up in one location and returning in another location

Can I choose to pick up a car out in the country?

What happens if I will be late to pick up the car?

Drop off information

Questions after booking

The Vadlaheidargong tunnel in North Iceland

What happens if the car breaks down?

Where can I check road conditions and weather?

Do your cars have studded tires or snow chains during winter?

Is it possible to modify my reservation after it is confirmed?

Can I book additional extras or equipment?

Cancellation policy - Early drop off


Service fees that might apply

Can I use the European health Insurance card In Iceland?