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When hiring a car for more than 7 days, you will get the 8th day’s rental for free! Book for 16 days and you get days 8 and 16 free. We also offer all insurance included in rental price.

Iceland Car Rental

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We had decided to travel to Iceland for 12 days in August-

From Tripadvisor: We had decided to travel to Iceland for 12 days in August and contacted several rental car companies in early July. With an itinerary that would take us on the entire Ring Road, as well as Landmannalaugar, we wanted a reliable SUV to travel those gravel roads in the highlands. Prices in the summertime in Iceland is quite costly for car rentals ranging from $1800 to $3200 USD but our budget was $1700 to $1800 USD. The rental cars, which received not so good reviews on this forum (no need to disclose), offered the lower prices; however, we wanted to rent from a reputable local company due to our travel plans (on unpaved roads). We didn't want to sacrifice safety, and were hopeful we could find a well regarded car company within our budget. Thus, we contacted several reputable companies in hopes of developing some level of comfort with them and narrowed our search between Reykjavik Cars and Iceland Car Rental. We decided on Iceland Car Rental ( for several reasons: 1. We shared to Kristjan (, our main correspondent at Iceland Car Rental, our budget and he was able to reduce the car rental price to help us stay within our limit. No other car company offered this. 2. Kristjan offered us several cars for $1800 USD including the Ford Escape, Toyota Rav, and Suzuki Grand Vitara. All were 2007 to 2012 models, which were very competitive with other offers. When we had selected the Ford Escape and Kristjan learned that one of the drivers in our party was 6'3", he suggested the Suzuki Grand Vitara for head room for our 6'3" giant. :) Kristjan also suggested the Grand Vitara for the Landmannalaugar region. 3. Communication with Kristjan via email was extremely consistently and regular, up until our arrival, and he was extremely helpful and patient. (Trust me...and I can ask A LOT of questions.) This provided us comfort because we knew that if anything were to happen to us during our travels in Iceland, he would be available and responsive. This in itself, was a deciding factor that helped us decide on Iceland Car Rental since several car companies never responded to emails or were sporadic with their correspondences. Having recently returned from our 12-day trip, the car was extremely comfortable and reliable. No issues experienced and we were able to cross four fords safely to the Landmannalaugar region. For those traveling from the U.S., we opted for car rental coverage from American Express instead of insurance with the car rental companies. This was much more cost effective way to travel. (Please note that NO car insurance, including American Express, will cover incidents crossing rivers. You cross at your own risk.) We highly recommend Iceland Car Rental and Kristjan Baldvinsson. Great service and car!!! Thank you.

Star Star Star Star Star
- Renter from USA. Rented Suzuki Grand Vitara

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Iceland Car Rental has a wide range of vehicles to make sure you have what you need when travelling around Iceland. We provide everything from smaller, environmentally friendly cars, to high-performance premium cars and jeeps. If you are looking for affordable car rental in Iceland then make sure you get in touch with us today for a quote.

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Iceland Car Rental can help if you are looking for car hire on your trip to Iceland. We provide a wide range of different sized cars to make sure you have what you need. You can also pick up your car at our most convenient office location.