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How to Select the Right Car for Your Iceland Trip

Are you thinking of renting a car for when you're visiting the beautiful Nordic island of Iceland? A rental car offers complete freedom, allowing you to explore the land of fire and ice at your own pace. However, it is important that you choose the best rental car to suit your needs and the activities you're planning to take part in when in Iceland. For tips and advice, read our guide on how to select the right rental car for you.

Seating capacity

Firstly, you must consider how many people you will be taking on holiday. Seating capacity is the main factor that will influence your choice. If you are travelling alone or as a couple, then we recommend a smaller car such as a Toyota Aygo or Toyota Yaris. However, if you are on a family holiday with more passengers a bigger car is necessary, such as a Toyota Landcruiser or a Suzuki Vitara. If you are travelling with a group of 7+, see our range of minibuses.


In order to choose the best rental car for your holiday, you have to consider where you plan on visiting. There are a number of scenic routes around Iceland, all of which have varying terrains. The Golden Circle is a great way to see Iceland’s top attractions without venturing north. Along the route, you can get a glimpse of some of Iceland’s most magnificent attractions such as Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir Geothermal Field, Thingvellir National Park. The route is very popular, meaning the terrain is a lot more manageable, with paved roads which are well maintained. You will not need to rent a 4x4, so we recommend cars such as the Dacia Duster.

If you plan on venturing into the Highlands and F-Roads, we strongly recommend a 4x4 car. They are rural roads that are surfaced with coarse gravel, making it tough to drive across. Due to extreme weather in certain areas, the F-Roads are closed throughout winter. However, it is definitely worth the adventure if you're in Iceland during the summer months, as you can see some of nature's most amazing creations. We recommend cars such as the Toyota Rav 4 Wd or Nissan X-trail, so that your adventure is safe and comfortable. 

If you are only looking to explore the beautiful capital of Reykjavik, you will not need a four-wheel drive as the roads are often clear and paved. Obviously depending on the size of your party, we recommend a smaller hatchback, like a Toyota Corolla, to drive around the city.


Allocating a budget is always important when it comes to rental cars, however, it is still important to consider the above factors. When booking your rental car, pre-book online. This will give you the opportunity to explore your options in further detail, and can often get you a cheaper deal. Explore our full range of rental cars today.