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Where to Eat in Iceland

The Icelandic culinary scene is great, offering a huge variety of traditional, hearty meals. If you’re struggling to find the perfect places to eat, we have the ultimate guide to help you decide.

Icelandic Street Food

When looking for a warm meal to melt the Iceland chills away, Icelandic Street Food is the best. They serve beautiful warm soup in deliciously different bread bowls throughout the day, right from breakfast through to dinner. The restaurant creates a real Icelandic dining atmosphere with its soups and traditional Icelandic meals. With 5-star ratings and nothing but positive reviews, we are sure you will be nothing other than satisfied with this little restaurant. Follow this link to look at the Icelandic Street Food website. 


If you’re looking for a place that serves vegan and vegetarian meals, look no further. Garðurinn is a small café which serves a wide range of delicious vegetarian and vegan meals, including falafel, fried eggplant in spice sauce and Caribbean pepper soup, all at very affordable prices. This welcoming Icelandic café is centred in Reykjavik and is a great place to dine. Follow the link to take a look at what else their menu has to offer.



When looking for somewhere cheap but delicious to spend your evening, KRÖST Grill and Wine Bar is the right place for you. Make the most of the wine bar whilst also enjoying the mouth-watering food, which is freshly prepared from the grill, all at a great price. Take a look at what items are on the grill and what wine is up for grabs by following the link.



Resto is a small & cosy family-run restaurant which offers a great dining experience. The restaurant is more like an extension of the owners’ house, which is not an unlikely experience in Iceland. This creates a real atmosphere, whilst offering traditional Icelandic dishes. There is still a clear separation between the restaurant and the owners' home which makes it a comfortable and welcoming space. The restaurant serves a variety of wines and seafood.


Íslenski Barinn

If you’re after a real taste of Icelandic food, Íslenski Barinn is the right place. This restaurant sells local Icelandic food and is definitely a favourite of the locals. Íslenski Barinn sells a variety of food such as whale steak, puffin and reindeer burger, giving you an authentic taste of Icelandic cuisine. Visit the link for more information on the restaurant and people’s reviews on the restaurant.


Reykjavik Kitchen

Are you looking for something a little upmarket? Reykjavik Kitchen is just the place to give you that exclusive fine dining experience. This family-owned restaurant in the heart of Reykjavik and offers fresh Icelandic meat and fish. The restaurant has excellent reviews from previous customers, so we are sure that you will love this one. To check out the menu in a bit more detail, look on their website