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A Local’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in Iceland

Iceland’s culinary scene is vast and slightly unusual, from sheep head to fermented shark. The cold weather and surrounding oceans call for warm hearty soups, hot meat and fish dishes. As we all know, there is no better way to learn about foreign culture than through its cuisine - for a taste of traditional Icelandic food, read our local’s guide to restaurants in Iceland.


Saegreifinn (The Sea Baron), Reykjavik

Saegreifinn, otherwise known as The Sea Baron, specialises in classic Icelandic seafood dishes. Being centred between the Green Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, the small island of Iceland is reliant on its fishing industry. Taking advantage of its marine surroundings, The Sea Baron serves a wide selection of seafood to cater for hungry customers. The restaurant is world famous for its lobster soup, which has been named as the world’s greatest, not only by locals but also by international customers. What’s stopping you from grabbing a bowl?!


Islenski Barinn, Reykjavik

Islenski Barinn presents traditional Icelandic foods with a slightly more contemporary touch. Located in Reykjavik, the restaurant has a warm bubbly atmosphere, despite the harsh cold outside. Many visitors try the slow roasted leg of lamb, reindeer meatballs and warming meat soups. It also must be noted that Islenski Barinn is the only place in the world which serves all Icelandic beers and spirits!


Otto Matur & Drykkur, Hofn

Otto Matur & Drykkur specialise in classic Icelandic foods with a fresh, modern twist. Otto Matur & Drykkur can be found in the small fishing village of Hofn, which is home to just over two thousand people. This restaurant offers a wide range of delicious cuisine, featuring both on land and in sea options. Many customers recommend trying smoked fish and meats. The owners ensure that every dish on the menu is freshly homemade with first-class produce from Iceland.


Kopar Restaurant, Reykjavik

Located by the old harbour in Reykjavik, Kopar restaurant presents a menu full of seafood options, which is no surprise considering its waterside location. Meat, vegetarian and vegan options are found here as well, so do not fear if you aren’t a fish lover. The fine-dining restaurant features a wide range of slightly unusual dishes for the adventurous eater, including cod tongues and fried turkey leg.


Old Iceland, Reykjavik

Old Iceland is a family-owned restaurant in Reykjavik, providing its customers with a warm, friendly atmosphere and good food. With a focus on serving Icelandic meat and fish, Old Iceland uses herbs and spices grown close by to create traditional and local food. If you are looking for classic Icelandic dishes with a contemporary twist, then this is the perfect place for you!