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The Best Lobster Soup in Iceland

Lobster soup. It’s creamy, rich, salty and delicious. This infamous Icelandic soup dish is traditionally made from langoustine shells (Nordic lobster), salmon skin and halibut skin. This dish is perfect for melting away the chills from outside, and is an extremely popular dish with both locals and tourists. 

If you are planning a trip to Iceland, this soup simply can’t be missed! We guarantee you will fall in love with this hearty and traditional Icelandic dish after just one taste of the hot and comforting goodness. But where are the best places to try it? Read our guide to help you choose.


The Saegreifinn fish restaurant is an establishment world-renowned for its lobster soup recipe. Located in the old harbour area of Reykjavik, the sea shack is decorated with nautical equipment, all adding to the atmosphere. Saegreifinn is generally known as the best informal place in Reykjavik to enjoy the speciality, as their recipe is packed full of flavour. The archetypical lobster soup at Saegreifinn is classic and creamy, with the rich recipe being passed down from the eccentric fisherman who opened the restaurant.


Fiskfélagið, or otherwise known as The Fish Company, is well known for serving some of the best seafood in the country. You can get a taste of some amazing Icelandic dishes, trying a great assortment of flavours and textures on their tasting menu. The restaurant can be found in Downtown Reykjavik, in a building that was built in the 19th century. The lobster soup is wonderful, and is packed with deep, rich flavours. 


The Fjojrubordid restaurant sits in the village of Stokkseyri in southern Iceland, and is known as a place of culinary delight. The restaurant is well known for its tasty lobster soup and lobster bisque. Lobster bisque is a traditional dish of lobster tails, which are sauteed in garlic and a tasty rich butter. Sitting on Iceland's shore with stunning coastal views, this restaurant is truly the home of local Icelandic seafood dishes.

Verbúð 11 - Lobster & Stuff

Verbúð 11 is located on the Reykjavik harbour and is a bistro style cafe. The cafe specialises in lobster dishes, especially lobster soup. However, this lobster soup is served with a twist. Served in two parts, first customers get a large bowl or fresh lobster and then the server pours the broth onto the lobster right in front of you. This broth takes a new approach to the classic recipe, incorporating the tropical flavours of ginger and coconut.

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