The Vadlaheidargong tunnel in North Iceland

What you need to know

If you are traveling on the ring road through North Iceland you will have the option of driving through the brand new, 7,5 km Vadlaheidargong tunnel. The tunnel shortens the ring road by about 16km. It also helps keep the road open during difficult winters where the Víkurskarð mountain heath can often be closed due to difficult road conditions. 


Photo from a brochure about the tunnel.

The price for the tunnel

The photo below shows the two prices;  if you pay within 3 hours of using the tunnel the price is 1.500 ISK but if you wait and pay after 3 hours the price jumps up to 2.500 ISK. Please note that if you skip the payment, Iceland car rental will be notified and will charge your credit card for the 2.500 ISK tunnel fee plus a 2.400 ISK service fee, a total of 4.900 ISK. For details, you can read all about the pricing on the Vadlaheidargong tunnel website.  


Our advice is to skip the tunnel if possible

If you are traveling the ring road in good weather and road conditions, there really is no reason to drive through the tunnel. Driving Víkurskarð mountain passage takes about 6 minutes longer and has beautiful views driving to or from Akureyri. However, if you are traveling in heavy winter and the road conditions, then the tunnel is your best option. 

For more information, check out the Vadlaheidi tunnel FAQ section