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The Benefits of Renting a Car in Iceland

When it comes to visiting the beautiful and rugged landscapes of Iceland, it is important that you make the most of your trip, especially when selecting your preferred method of travel. 

While Iceland doesn’t offer the most advanced public transport system, there are a few options. The most common transport types in Iceland are rental cars, busses, flying and by sea (for some tours). Whilst travelling on water and by air can sound like the adventure of a lifetime, these methods can be expensive and impractical if you’re hoping to see all of the island. Airports are limited in Iceland and travelling by boat will limit you to coastal towns.

Renting a car with us will give you complete freedom to explore at your own pace, without breaking the bank either. Read on to discover all the benefits of selecting a rental car!


As mentioned above, freedom is a great bonus of hiring a rental car. With one of our cars, you can venture across Iceland without feeling restricted to public transport, or the itineraries of other people and groups. With a rental car, you don’t have to adapt to the public transport schedules, and you can plan your exact travel route in a way that suits you and your travel companions. 

Safety and comfort

Our rental cars are safe and well suited to drive on the rough paths that crisscross Iceland’s landscape. Rental cars are a clean, comfortable option, especially compared to other transportation methods such as busses and taxis. When exploring Iceland, public transport options can be busy and cramped, which can be unhygienic or stressful. Travelling by public transport can also expose you to germs or illnesses that others might be carrying, which, if contracted, may affect your experience in Iceland. Knowing that you are enclosed in the safety of your own rental car can really make your Icelandic adventure luxurious and relaxing. 

Your own vehicle offers a level of comfort that most transport services don’t provide, and you can easily access your belongings and keep them in the car when you decide to go exploring. It is also up to you who you share your personal space with. Having control over the temperature of your car also makes a big difference to your travel, essentially creating your ideal space in which to travel.

Save money

Not only do rental cars offer complete freedom and safety during your travels in Iceland, they can also be hired at a very good price. Hiring a car will cost well below the cost of paying for a taxi or bus for the day. Our cars come at competitive prices which can be suited to nearly any budget! If you are travelling as a couple or in a family, a rental car can be especially effective for saving you money, as it won’t cost you anything extra to add more people to the journey. What’s more, parking in Iceland is mostly free!

Discover hidden gems

Iceland is an island of stunning natural beauty, with many wonders just waiting to be discovered. When hiring a rental car, your exploration capabilities are endless. You can widen the scope of the places you wish to see, exploring them at a pace that suits you. 

You also have the option of exploring any hidden gems that locals might make you aware of on your travels. If you were travelling as part of an organised tour, you wouldn’t have the freedom to do this, but a rental car makes Iceland your oyster.