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Quirky Attractions in Iceland

Iceland is a country like no other, boasting a wealth of unique attractions and activities. If you’re looking to experience something a little different in Iceland, our guide offers the best activities to make your adventure an unforgettable one.

Go inside a Volcano

With over 100 volcanoes sprinkled around Iceland, we recommend getting up close and personal with one (inactive of course). The Thrihnukagigur volcano is a popular choice with both locals and visitors, due to its internal beauty. The volcano last erupted over 4,000 years and is dormant, so it is perfectly safe to visit. The volcano is in southwest Iceland, and visitors can venture 400 feet into the belly of the volcano. There are a number of tours available, such as Inside The Volcano. If you’re seeking adventure this is the attraction for you.

Dive between continents

Iceland is the only place in the world where the tectonic plates can be seen on land. The Eurasian and North American plates meet in Iceland, where they are pulling apart, creating a rift in the surface. You can dive between the continents in the Silfra Rift in Lake Þingvellir, where you will be immersed in the clearest water in the world. You will not find an experience like this anywhere else in the world, so we highly recommend!

Bathe in a hot spring

Iceland is full of hot springs, be that in the form of hot tubs, pools or warm rivers. You can easily stumble across natural hot springs, with a large number situated in the Westfjords area. The cold Icelandic air mixed with the warm water creates the ultimate place to relax. You can even visit some at night and gaze up at the stars whilst soaking up the warm waters of the hot spring. Always do your research before plunging in one however, as some can be too hot to access.


There is no better way to get close to the Icelandic waters than to get into a kayak. Kayaking presents the opportunity to take in Iceland’s natural wonders, whilst enjoying the views from a new perspective. There are many kayaking tours you can book, which will be led by an expert to ensure you receive the best experience possible. You can even go kayaking in the midnight sun, which is an exciting way to take in the sights whilst soaking up the warm glowing sunlight.

Dog sledging

Have you ever considered discovering Iceland in a dog sled? Dog sledding is a great way to see the beautiful Icelandic landscape, touring through the fluffy snow. Tours are available in the summertime and often for the rest of the year as well, and can often be very busy, so always book in advance! The sledding tours often start at the top of the glacier, with mild weather. It is important to dress in warm attire, as the brisk Icelandic winds can be extremely chilling.