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Iceland in March

March in Iceland is a good and quiet time to visit, with fewer tourists but less severe weather. You'll still need to be prepared for potentially dangerous weather but can still plan to have a great time with plenty to do and see. 

Things to do 

Being in Iceland’s winter, March presents the perfect opportunity to view the Northern Lights in all their glory. March would qualify as the start of the season, which is said to have stronger auroras than at the end of the season. Like always, we highly recommend checking the forecast beforehand, to avoid potential disappointment from the weather.

As well as getting a glimpse at Iceland’s Northern Lights, Icelandic horseback riding is also a great idea for March. The Icelandic horse is a comfortable size, making it easy for you to get on and off. The horse’s coat is extra thick in March, making them look adorable. There are many horseback riding tours available in Reykjavik, or you can visit a farm where you can get up close and personal to pet their thick fur coats. The Icelandic horse is also infamous for its friendliness!

March is a popular month to go skiing in Iceland, with many travelling to the north to find the slopes. The most famous skiing town is Akureyri, which although small, offers some great slopes to ski down. It boasts an impressive 540 metres of vertical descent - perfect for thrill-seekers!


There are several events in Iceland which occur throughout March, which are definitely worth attending or celebrating. The 1st of March marks Iceland’s National Beer Day, the date in which beer was made legal back in 1989. Today, Icelanders celebrate the dissolution of the beer ban each year, and you can take part by drinking a cheap pint with the locals. 

Another highly celebrated event is the Food and Fun Festival, which occurs around the first week of March. Chefs from around the world work with Icelandic restaurants to create new cuisine. The menus are then judged by experts, so you know that what you are eaten is top quality!


No matter what the time of year, it is important to pack the right clothes for your visit to Iceland. In March, the weather is actually slightly warmer, however, you will still need to ensure you pack warming essentials. This means thick woollen thermals, warm socks, a hat and sturdy hiking boots. You may not believe us, but you will need to also bring sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun when going on hikes or long walks.


Driving in Iceland throughout March can sometimes prove difficult due to unpredictable weather conditions. The Icelandic Ring Road, which circles the country can be easily accessed throughout March. The route takes you along the Southern Coast, East Fjords, the north, and then down the west. It's worth nothing that the roads in the highlands, the F-Raods, are closed until June/July. We recommend checking the weather forecast before you travel anywhere in Iceland in March.