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Reykjavik Art Museum

Reykjavik's Best Art Galleries and Museums


Although Iceland is known for its beautiful landscapes, we provide a guide to some of Reykjavik’s best art galleries and museums. Find out more.

Reykjavik Square with Restaurants and Bars

A Guide to Fine Dining in Iceland


Known for the wide variety of seafood on offer, Icelandic food has to be tasted to be believed. Whilst Iceland boasts many restaurants across the country offering its national dishes, there is something special about enjoying it in a fine dining se...

hot spring

Best Spas and Hot Springs in Iceland


If there is anything that Iceland is known for, it’s their hot springs. We discuss some of the best spas and hot springs the country has to offer.

Arctic Open

Everything You Need to Know About the Arctic Open


Iceland is full of activities for you to try out, including the Arctic Open golf tournament. Find out more about the tournament and how you can enter.

What Car Do You Need to Drive the Golden Circle

What Car Do You Need to Drive the Golden Circle?


The Golden Circle is an excellent way to see some of Iceland’s top attractions, including The Great Geysir, Thingvellir National Park and Gulfoss waterfall. This makes the Golden Circle the perfect day-long road trip to take if your time in Iceland i...

Do's & Don'ts of Iceland

Our Guide to the Dos & Don'ts of Iceland


Tourism in Iceland is higher than it has ever been and the destination’s popularity just continues to grow. But many people don’t do enough research before heading to Iceland and end up getting into difficulties in Iceland. It can also affect their...