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Best Festivals In Iceland 2019

Iceland is home to many different festivals with people flocking to the country each year for music, arts and sport. Some of the best festivals in Iceland 2019 include Secret Solstice Festival, Reykjavik Arts Festival and the Arctic Open. There are also plenty more festivals in the country.

The country is a cultural hub for museums, sport and festivals that everyone can enjoy. These range from small country fairs to large scale international music festivals and take place all year round in Iceland. However, there are far too many festivals to attend all of them, even in you live in Iceland, so we have put together a guide. Take a look at some of the biggest and best festivals in Iceland.

Iceland Winter Games; 23-25th March 2019

The city of Akureyri has played host to the winter games for the last 3 years in a row. The mountains surrounding the region in the north of Iceland are covered in the snow each winter which provides the perfect terrain for skiing and other winter sports. It is one of the fastest growing festivals in the country with freeskiing competitions, snowboard and ski jump as well as dog sledging competitions. There is a wide range of activities to watch and also take part in so get involved!

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Children’s Culture Festival; 9-14th April 2019

This longstanding festival was launched in 2010 and is dedicated to the children and young people of Iceland. The aim of the festival is to introduce children to a wide range of arts through different workshops and performances. It is a unique opportunity for children to gain an insight into Icelandic arts and culture with a broad program of events taking place across the weekend. Find all kinds of events such as music, visual arts, storytelling, workshops, dance and much more.

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Sonar Reykjavik; 25th – 27th April 2019

An international music festival that brings together different acts across four stages in the unique Harpa Concert Hall. With an eclectic range of music from electronic, hip-hop and pop music, it is a great festival to attend if you are heading to Iceland. It is also an intimate experience when compared to some of the biggest festivals around the world. The indoor stages are only frequented by 3500 guests per night, so you can get up close and personal with the artists. There’s also the bonus that the festival takes place during the end of Northern Lights season, so there’s always the chance you could get a glimpse of the aurora borealis.

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Arctic Open; 19 – 22nd June 2019

One of the only places in the world that you can play a game of midnight golf, the arctic open is a popular golf tournament that takes place in Akureyri every year. With long hours of daylight during the summer months in Iceland, the festival can actually be played round the clock, with many midnight games taking place. It is an international tournament that invites golfers of all level and experience to take part in this unique opportunity. The beautiful golf courses are like no other with amazing scenery and the opportunity to play under the midnight sun. It would be advisable to stay in Akureyri though, as the tournament takes place nearly a 5-hour drive from the capital of Reykjavik.

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Secret Solstice Festival; 21 – 23rd June 2019

Probably one of the most popular festivals in Iceland is the huge international music festival, taking place under the midnight sun. the festival was born out of the desire to create a unique and unmissable experience in Reykjavik. It attracts some of the biggest names in world music from dance, hip-hop, pop and a whole range of genres. People come from all over the world to experience the festival every year and it goes from strength to strength.

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Reykjavik Pride; 8 – 17th August 2019

One of the most colourful events in the capital, Reykjavik Pride has been an annual event in the country since 1999. But it dates back even earlier than this when the Icelandic gay community first gathered in the city in 1993 on the same date, demanding freedom and equal human rights. The once small event has transformed into a huge 6 day festival in the capital, with more than 100 thousand people travelling to Reykjavik from all over the world.

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Culture Night; 24th August 2019

A worthy mention in our lists, although not really a festival, is culture night in Reykjavik. This is a great time to visit Iceland as the even offers free entry to many museums and attractions in the capital for one day. The event was created by city residents and is enjoyed by everyone, with plenty of free events taking place all over the city. There are celebrations in the street, squares, residential gardens and all over the capital. All of the events organised are free of charge, with the event set up to represent traditional Icelandic hospitality.

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