Dacia Dokker Camper or similiar

Manual FWD | 5 Passengers | 5 Doors | 1 Luggage
Dacia Dokker Camper

- Perfect for 2 people to travel comfortably with luggage and sleep in.

- The Campers can seat 5 people but then there is very little room for luggage. 

- The campers are equipped with all you need for a comfortable road trip such as a mattress, gas stove, dishes, cutlery, pot and pan (all included in price).

- There are curtains in the campers to help with Iceland's midnight sun.

- All campers also have stand alone heaters which are connected to the diesel fuel tank.

- So, you only need to bring your sleeping bag and you are good to go. If you don´t feel like bringing your sleeping back, you can rent bedding for 2 people for 9300 ISK. The bedding includes a sheet, 2 duvets and 2 pillows. 

- This car is not suitable for highlands.