Customer quotes

“We did an excellent holiday, we like so much Iceland and the landscape is very beautiful, it's a very nice country! We appreciated your service and we will recommend you.”

- Raphaël, Switzerland


“We are back now, we had wonderful days there in Iceland. And thank you for the "Frankfurt Upgrade". Thank you again.”

- Michael, Germany


"I want to thank you for your great service. I'll sure recommend about your company to my friends that plan to rent a car in Iceland. I hope that you picked-up the Jeep from the airport parking without a problem. Thanks again and hope to keep in touch soon. best regards,"

- Yizhak, Israel


“Just got round to saying thanks for the hire of the 2 jeeps they were very good and we enjoyed our holiday immensely.”

- Gary, UK


“I wanted to thank you again for your service, very professional and friendly at the same time! I'll recommend your company to all my friends. takk og bless”

- Michele, Italy


“Thanks again for your quick response and good service!”

- Ina, Norway


“We had a great Journey in Iceland and now we are back in Paris. We had a great time in Iceland, great country! Thank you very much.”

- Regis, France


“We really enjoyed our holiday and the great time we had in Iceland. With your good Nissan Patrols, we were able to discover many beautiful and interesting places. We never had any troubles with the cars, they run very reliable. Thank you for your service and the kind drop-off option at our Hotel Cabin in Reykjavik Town.”

- Family Rubin & Zimmermann, Switzerland


“Lucy and me would like to thank you for the excellent quality of your rental car service. That has been a real pleasure for us to have our holidays in Iceland and to feel safe driving such a good car (Jeep Grand Cherokee) on sometimes tricky gravel roads. We really enjoyed it. Thanks very much.”

- Lucy and Eric, France


“Thank you for all your help, the car ran wonderfully and provided us with a lovely way to see your beautiful country.“

- Kevin, USA


“Thank you for the excellent service when I was in Iceland the beginning of May.”

- Jalnev, Austria


“We just came back from our amazing trip around's hard to describe, how wonderful your island is from above!”

- Regina, Austria


“You guys r the best”

- Terrence


“I would like to thank you for the excellent service provided! We had a wonderful time in Iceland. Thanks to you and your team!”

- Dimitar, Austria


“Thank you very much for the very nice car we got for our vacations. We had a perfect round trip. We definitely will recommend you. I hope everything with the drop off worked fine and that the damaged door can be fixed in time. Once again I want to apologize for these inconveniences.”

- Jens, Germany


“We have been lucky with the Jeep we rented from you last week. Thank you for the good service!”

- Helga & Holger, Germany


“Great trip to Iceland and no problems with the Suzuki.“

- Chris, USA


“We hired a car from you on our trip on Island in March. Everything was excellent and thank you for your good service.”

- Maurice, Netherlands


“I want you to know how delighted I am with the car! It is really a pleasure to drive; I feel very comfortable in it and find that it handles very well. The extras like the heaters and leather seats make a difference. I am so pleased. I will be posting many positive reviews for your company on the various travel websites that I use, and will be referring your name.”

- Livia, USA


“We had a truly fantastic time in your beautiful country and for sure will return for a longer holiday. Many thanks again for your services and have a great holiday season full with customer bookings.”

- Daniel, France


“I meant to leave a note with the car we rented this last week so say thanks for the great service. The car, phone, and GPS all worked excellently. I appreciate the fantastic assistance and service from your company.”

- Jodie, USA


“Now that my fantastic journey in Island is over, I would like to thank you for you great service. Everything was fine with the car. I just wanted to report that there is a little problem with the opening of the fuel tank. I wanted also to apologize about the dirt of the car. I was in Landmannalaugar in the morning of my drop off day, so I didn't had time to wash it. Sorry about that.”

- Jean-Claude, France


“Well..I can absolutely understand, that everyone wants to visit your home I am in love with Iceland since several years! It's the only island with the "untouched" appearing..everything seems to be newly born..all people, or many people are on their journey to what's a better place to listen inside, to get in touch with the own soul..than Iceland? Be lucky to be an Icelandic citizen....when I went home this February, a stewardess on Iceland Express flight back to Europe said to me " look Icelandic.." I'm so proud about this compliment, as I feel Icelandic!”

- R, Austria


“I hope you recovered the car in good condition (July 7). It was very dirty, sorry ! Our trip was wonderful, but we had a lot of bad weather, rain and wind ... The clouds were sometimes so low during several days, so we could not see the mountains or the glaciers. Anyway, your country is fabulously beautiful ! I think of it every day since one month and half, and I have a great nostalgia for these immense landscapes and all of these colours ... I love the area of Landmannalaugar !!! Thank you for all, and good continuation.”

- Anne-Marie, France


“Everything was OK. We didn´t have problems with the car. We really enjoyed our stay in Iceland. People were friendly, food was good and the nature was incredible. The best thing during our visit was swimming in the warm (or hot) river when we were hiking.”

- Jarmo, Finland


“I would like to thank you for a truly excellent service and patience! When I visit Iceland I will always use your company and recommend you to all my friends!”

- Jukka, Finland


“We were very satisfied with the car which allowed us to discover for the second time your wonderful country.”

- Alain, France


"We really appreciate it! We had a great experience with your agency. The Hyundai Tucson suited our requirements perfectly. We will definitely rent from you again, during our next trip to Iceland. Regards,"

- Karthik & Raji, India


“Thanks a lot for your excellent service. We were very happy with your car and are already excited for the next time to visit Iceland.”

- Philipp, France


“Thank you very much for everything, the car was great. Best regards from Barcelona, and again ..... your wonderful country, I really liked.”

- José, Spain


“Thanks for the friendly welcome and good service, will contact you again next year.”

- Terry, UK


“Good car and good service! Hope to come back to do this again. We are now heading for Akureyri. Have a nice and busy working-week!”

- Kenneth, Denmark


“I just wanted to say that I received my gloves back. Thank you very much for your help!!! I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who make their way to Iceland. Many thanks again.”

- Colleen, USA